Spirit care

Brands by Basnight offers spiritual services such as cartomancy consultations, monthly pricing plans and tarot classes for people looking to feed their spirit and and learn more about their intuitive identities.

Cartomancy Consultations

Emanuel Basnight (founder/owner of Brands by Basnight) has been a professional tarot card reader for six years.  His ancestor-centered cartomancy services provide a range of options and packages for clients looking for the right guidance for the right circumstances.


From a 30-minute reading to a Year Ahead Reading and special discounted readings for Black men, clients can find the clarity they need with every shuffle.

Tarot Cards

Monthly Pricing Plans

In addition to cartomancy services, Brands by Basnight also offers monthly pricing plans for people who use readings as a part of their regular wellness plan. All monthly plans offer four readings at a discounted rate to be paid in six monthly payments. Learn more about the Wings & Prayers Pricing Plans by clicking the button below.