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BEARD by Basnight is a simple beardcare line designed to help men achieve the two most important objectives of beardcare as easy as possible: clarifying and moisturizing.


The beard mask (3.75 ounces) serves as the clarifying agent. It is a bentonite clay base reinforced with activated charcoal, rose powder and tea tree oil. Mix with water, fully saturate your beard, let dry and rinse out during your shower. Immediately apply the beard binder afterwards. ***This product is made with a natural perservative. It's shelf life is 6 months.***


The beard binder (3.75 ounces) is the moisturizing agent. It is a shea butter base mixture enhanced with Jamaican black castor oil, avocado oil, argan oil and beeswax to seal in the moisture and help with softness and sheen. The fragrance for this version of the beard binder is Sampson and is a blend of rose, egyptian sandalwood, amyris sandalwood and caraway essential oils.


Beardcare doesn't have to be complicated and with BEARD by Basnight it's not.


This is a combination product. Products are not sold individually at this time.

BEARD by Basnight (Sampson)