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BATCH by Basnight was my first product but I realized that I missed the richness of a body oil during the summer. That, and the fact that Batch melted faster than a snowman in hell in this Chicago heat, got me wondering how I would execute a body oil.

(First launch of BASK by Basnight 2019)

I never like to just do things, I like to be clear about why I'm doing it and what makes my personal take different.

I knew I had to make something that was nourishing to the skin first. I also knew that I wanted to use medium and lightweight oils that absorbed quickly in the skin. Next, I wanted to continue the herbal-infusion benefits I used in Batch. Them herbs be hitting, believe me. Finally, I knew I needed to bring it with the fragrance but I also knew the oil needed its own lane when it came to fragrance.

It took about six months of brainstorming but my first launch of BASK by Basnight (because you put it on and bask in the sun) was in 2019. It was a hit and honestly, I love making it.

(The newest BASK by Basnight PCV- patchouli, coconut & vanilla.)

Bask puts me in the mood to enjoy summer. It shifts my energy, reminds me to lighten up, and makes me want to be outside in the elements to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

When I say that Bask is made for summer I honestly mean it.


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