Modern, plant-powered skincare and wellness inspired by ancestral healing traditions.

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Bask is back!

BRANDS by Basnight was born of necessity and a love for nature's abundance.


The need was for a natural, skin-beneficial moisturizer that smelled amazing, absorbed quickly and didn't leave a greasy after-effect. The love was from a newfound appreciation of learning how my ancestors throughout the diaspora worked with the Earth through permaculture and nature-based spiritual endeavors.  Learning about our place in nature and our connection to the environment, from which we get so much, was an eye opener.  

It all comes together in a small batch, handmade product that doesn't take more from the Earth than it should. Each month's batch is a limited quantity run when it's done it's done.  A new batch will be created the following month.


As my connection to the Earth grows so too will the By Basnight portfolio. To keep up with our endeavors be sure to sign up for the email list. 

"The richness of your ingredients, coupled with the airiness and quick absorbency, is nothing I have ever experienced."

Keisha P.